Everyone as far as I can see is dressed famously I'm attempting to integrate the distance between them and me but I'm stuck and I'm simmering in subliminal thought wondering why everything I think can be shopped. Well why not? We don't stop and blame ourselves for acting the same, it's a survival technique for avoiding the pain. Replicate let the breeders carry faith in a briefcase. Mortgages, down payments, plots in outer space? Replicate, we have brung our faith in a suitcase, gaze upon the other while thy duplicate a mate. Have I said yet that I detest the word crew? I don't mind at all what the lot of you are up to When they're through human beings at attention in columns of two fixated to the ground by liberal amounts of Elemers glue. Life will begin in a cold dark refrigerator, tweak the settings on the auto-thermostat incubator. Don't get between what I am and what I do, manipulated by thumbs to annihilate you. We goose step in drones how kids watch gifs on flip phones. Working long distance and murdering from home. Theres phantom vibrations here. We have let the co-pilot steer. Replicate let the breeders carry faith in a briefcase. Mortgages, down payments, plots in outer space? Replicate, we have brung our faith in a suitcase, gaze upon the other while thy duplicate a mate. Replicate. Disintegrate. Replicate.

God asks us why we’re covered in dust is the suitcase farmers or the last gold rush?


God asks us why our dreams all combust is it the rocket pak pioneers or the space lust
Our mothers are glass bottles we’re not from the earth’s crust
Thee who cuss us face exodus
Our batteries are up so you cannot erase us.



Is it cool if I’m not in my rap zone? If my words seem well spoken and
not thrown? They say I should rap an epitaph for my tombstone. I guess knock twice if I don’t answer I’m not home. And my life needs a shot of testosterone. Big cystic zit buried deep and near the bone cause there’s a model for the way that a baby’s grown every culture artifice of a dead clone. Sometimes I feel so whack, my cadence carries slack but is it cool if I just dress average and don’t check accessories as overhead baggage swing myself like sack of cabbage we dress nice but play like bad kids one way for americans to live one way for americans to live spin your gold then hide it in the twigs use the knife and wipe it on the bib sometimes i feel so whack other times I feel so tat tat and is it cool if I do not press cassettes only consent to consensual sex first obsessed to pregnancy test then empty next and death they say man has reached apex when works prerequisite for checks he’s too intelligent to text plus he knows whats next if youre still perplexed he will provide context blindness to kick bliss in the shin put my emotional win on display again you suffer all day for him we suffer all day to win we suffer all day for him we suffer all day in sin sometimes I feel so whack other times I feel so tat tat tat tat tat tat da da


It’s a niche market Americas a storefront for things we don’t make here my people don’t hunt fake fireplaces and an app for a bathtub don’t even remove shoes to make love rappers are like who am I and what are you representing nothing like identities true well the internet says the oceans not blue but you just signed on to promote your crew who walk through lines at Chipotle how cattle do my lyrics seem so see through but they’re impenetrable to those who can’t catch a clue like what else did you expect us to do we represent the replica this is not a diss to big business it’s a critique of a culture idolizing a snitch bitch this patricide doesn’t seem to get daddy doesn’t glitch flinch or give an inch deals with dissenters quick when he’s in a pinch either with a feather tip pen or a switch lift your head from your tablet look around your dormitory ask yourself what is that stench you’re in a comfort food mood dude protect your ego with a cyber attitude boost page post likes to increase fan base latitude then rap about your tool and expect back gratitude is it you or me is it a them or we tweet therefore I be and share so you can see we represent the replica


I’ve probly had more jobs than all my grandfathers combined at this point in my life. It means that somethings not right. Yeah things aren’t fine but I’m always on time when I show up to the workplace. They can tell that I’m exhausted by the slack muscles riddling my face. I only slept thirty minutes last night and I did not get paid for that gig I played. Got a freestyle that’ll turn a couple heads take to the soap box like a gingerbread man on the mouth of a fox believing if I can get to the other side of the river then I’ll be set free. For now it’s my imagination vs me. Fisting sensibility and living this futility out like flapping wings dying trying flying again is what lifes all about. They say you’re a real writer when you get a book deal. I’ve been writing 17 plus. I guess I’m payday hunting. Feels like 4th down punting. In the stadium these other acts all postured for bunting I hate that Rhapsody genre novelty rap crap playing for stats. LIke trailblazing saying nothing. I’m alone huffing something. Should have stayed a country bumpkin, rap games a Turduckin. Just a head in the ass of a head in the ass of a head on a plate. Status symbol capitalists playing leap frog I just wanna know if that’s a rabbit or a purse dog? And you see and you see and you see so much more than you think. And you think and you think and you think so much more than you speak. Got an older brother rolls in industry insider circles. Another brother at the bar giving his friend a purple nurple. Somewhere in the middle I’m a mix up so throw your chicken wings up and give this baby wolf a cluck I rap for the rush.


I don’t have style and I don’t have bars I don’t have fashion and I don’t like cars I don’t have problems cause I don’t have a job but I don’t have money cause I don’t have a boss well I could be prophetic and pathetic in the same sentence watch the way I bend minds with just pen tips rap with the confidence of a dude who takes huge rips but when I’m alone I only ever kiddy sip I’m not hard kid just love this art shit bury me with bundles of it in my old apartment I’ll die like an artist I’m a simulacrum of the last rapper but I’m having more fun while remaining less dapper hope is David Foster Wallace dangling from porch rafters life is writing poems in my phone atop the crapper a product of my place and the status of my state propagating liberal guilt from a history of hate realistic like lips beneath the lipstick and the value of my kiss is just intrinsic I am not awake hi I’m not awake I am not awake this is the fake jake I guess I’ll die like an artist


Fame is just an albatross hanging from your neck if it hangs for long enough your face could sag and if your face sags what could you do and if your tits sag what would you do go on and pump those titties up I said pump those tits up and if you pump those tits up you may want to boost your hips a touch and if you boost your hips up you may want to boost your lips up and if you pump your lips tits and hips where that pretty pussy gonna sit its a whole new me you can’t even see marks from surgery tucked away neatly incredible credit inedible debit cards huge front yard and a five car garage fairest of them all promised by mirage pretty is the dollar price of a corsage you don’t need what you got but you want what you bought new pool never get hot fame is an albatross fame just an albatross look at your house expand the lot look at your porch make it more boss refurbish counter tops add lip gloss if it’s not about the tits its about the karat count if it’s not about the hot tub it’s a jet ski if it’s not a new car it’s a flat screen TV whole new me I need more of me to live

Bouncy house

I’m not just a modern man in the grips of a dark vice I’m a grey swan shimmer of moonlight stuck frozen to surface of a pond my rice paddy heart losing water addressed undrafted letter sitting atop my bedroom blotter I’m inheriting awkwardly this new vacancy inside me come and look please jump around I’ve inflated the walls so you can’t tear the mess of me down X convict of love became a rodeo clown this is my bouncy house please take your shoes off

this is my bouncy house remember to play nice like whats it all mean are you comfortable I’m comfortable history was written with no rubbers its how you got your uncles cousins sisters and brothers I’ve insulated against bodily fluids not touching but rubbing what’s touching you bright orange prophylactic see through sterilize the lubricant and pull the covers up at your teat like a pup just a fuck blueprint snuck in my seed hunger precedes me biology needs me it’d be easier staying honest the game keeps us safe foisting rules upon us cold blooded iguanas aspiring sugar mamas speaking television weather music never talking subtle traumas sure to occur when we dissever go on pull the lever pretend you could do better lets have a second second date this is my bouncy house please take your shoes off this is my bouncy house remember to play nice


Love yourself and maximize hate yourself and cover your eyes hate yourself and cover your eyes love yourself and maximize my life is a dumb joke a cheap rap trope complex and concentric like jazz liner notes historical but parenthetical side note we awoke inside a city that needs a drug for which to vote plus apartment life here is like yuppy apartheid
young professionals watch netflix and stay inside drone wars make our enemies die before they ride and I hate to chide but every artist fronts like just a normal guy software transparency people boasting fake ego clarity more fair to me to just keep throwing shit into the sea nothings new free or believable that older flavor palette has become un-retrievable and we thought that the future would be babies born in beakers and light up sneakers instead it’s iphones and tv shows about tweakers there’s no sane zone so put your head between the speakers there’s no sane zone so put your head between the speakers my life is a dumb joke a cheap rap trope complex and rising circles of uninspired art smoke historical but parenthetical side note we awoke inside a city that needs a drug to be provoked we should learn to inherit merit in unthinkable ways and do the right thing 3 out of the 5 working days I know that sentence is quite the conundrum but the average working breeder is most definitely a dumb dumb I separate myself and anybody else who paid the ten bucks to put it on your hard drive or album shelf trying to be a someone is absolutely no fun I’d get more attention if I waved a fucking gun so should I control my cyberspace campaign fate or mitigate my cookie intake hold a faith you can’t shake in the frozen sections ability to help a bachelor bake and everything is fine because I’ll feed it to the fake jake cause everything is fine if it happens to the fake jake a pending interior emotional earthquake beneath your friends rug like the hate behind your face and everything is fine if it happens to the fake jake yea everything is fine if it happens to the fake jake

Suicide Artifacts

I have slept on a featherbed mattress and this saw dust rolls right off us X dreams robust socking windmills into dust like fighting with allusions behooves us pulling raincoats from my ass is the norm a magician on a mission unequipped for the storm I can’t hate on the chains you adorn I have been known to frequently eat GMO corn and I feel guilty even though I’m guilty pork lards tasty when it’s filthy I rap tight but without a voice that’s silky a fringe rap freak playing internet hide and seek like peace exiled underground teachers pet weigh 160 when I’m soaking wet my realities a shadow or a silhouette of a hand puppet playing destiny chef but I don’t understand the semaphore yet graph my arts half life in the stats on a website allude to plato just to seem bright pretend I know what he meant by the shadows flickering on walls in cavelight and ask myself forever and ever and ever is that right like is that right I should kick this writing go outside and start hiking or just get lost in the beatmakers level headed disengagement of a fresh hot just today rearrangement say suppose I tried to say shit hey would you put me on your playlist or treat me like a wet discarded old folded over hershey kiss treat me like a bitch rap game Jesse Pinkman my lab coat smells like another man’s dreams again

Long form suggestion box entry

Indy rap is nothing but some player hate and innovate I’ve seen candidates campaign and this is not a real debate me I wrote that couplet now I think I’ve got my song on but approaching the middle section realizing I’m probably dead wrong cause ABCD rhyme schemes won’t save me from digital kid librarians un-fixated from history they sing oooo wee look at me I’m in an information sea but inhabit the confines of a tainted duality where nothings more free than some zeroes in your salary so if you make art do it just to burn a calorie with all the glib glitz of some fake digitized tits now you can pretend that you don’t give a shit hey your concepts are dated hey your concepts are ill fated you can’t move fast saw slow cause your tongue is serrated so this is for the moment that your sound became assimilated act indifferent or play like you’re titillated write a conscious rap just to rest your little head CURTA so future thinking that we’re already dead but all I see is red yeah all I need is red fuck all I want is red it’s where I’ll dip this pen but could I still be iconoclastic from this side of the glass if I wrote plastic raps on napkin backs don’t ask me that realities a scent from the asshole of an actor haunting the air inside of a theater coffee shop bathroom outside bright stage lights my art is like a baboon pretty through the glass but no chair reserved in the orchestra and I’m not the type of writer to say that I’ve told ya it’s a good thing I’m impervious to this hatred of rap nerd shit lick my literary nut sack and dick see styles just conceived way to perform a contrite art form reappropriated from the poor and I know you’re not supposed to see the lights on the porno set but my raps are a wide angle shot of a movie studio back lot and that’s a good reason why I’ll probably never pop off check it out some rappers want to make rap goth other rappers want to get sucked off I just want to trace the path of the moth into the light cause we came out tonight just to see the flies peppered in disguise against a backdrop of fake skies unevenly distributed like a Gibsonian future can you compute this

Shy guy (demo)

Somebody say something peripheral to me we are fractured fragments in a body of water called post modernity communicate from separated fish bowls feigning free the hot button conversation topics still technology but I’m attempting to decipher a workable iteration of me one that’s not steeped in influence or hyperbole plus i'm self aware in conversation self aware in public spaces self aware at birthday parties bar mitzvahs and wedding celebrations self aware you don’t care that I’m here I’ll be fine all alone right over there my lyrics could not make sense they’d still stir up your thoughts and allow me to repent I do not do this to contribute to the rent so if you comprehend the concept welcome to our tent bring you slow into the row boat whisper when we gloat how we'd float an album on a fake quote when the machine broke it’s a just a joke you dumb bloke poke fun at everyone cause the world will be written off in smoke from our sun I provoke myself I don't provoke anyone else I provoke everyone else and I don't provoke myself i'm self aware in conversation self aware in public spaces self aware at birthday parties bar mitzvahs and wedding celebrations self aware you don’t care that I’m here I’ll be fine all alone right over here ha laugh it off they’d love to hear you scoff bespeckled reading Philip Roth how I scare women from my cock I spent most of this life like a bug under a rock sound of my timeline goes tic tick tock


My consciousness is swallowing the moments that we make the past is hesitant to hold me so I take chances my mood in dances to an ebb and flow forces I’m afraid to accept I won’t control only 13 when they first pissed on these coals true love is blood spotted like macbethian hands convinced by medication controlling pituitary glands inside random access memories like here man stands still chasing cheap thrills with slogans on wristbands at the end of media vectors is philosophical badlands yet only the faintest trace of envy in the aura hatching such a plan preparing man to forgo alone calling public domain home because losing what you own may rob power from the throne but first convert these thoughts to adspace quotes and link to google chrome talking through the walls on phones like nobodys home so unplug me and I’ll unplug you go outside and reconnect the way bipedal mammals do I said unplug me and I’ll untie your shoe hanging from the ceiling fan like famous authors in a coup d'etat hanging from your little sister's sports bra embracing my flaw nah trying to find rhythm in thought but I found truth now I’m working backwards and I can’t find clues choose a different multiple choice ending than this held aloft fist they exist why revel in the darkness go outside get some air feel the lift every breath an opportune chance to sift through the gristle around the peach pit or just taste enjoy forget it a life less lived than a life that’s been bit difference in scented perfume hair flesh and a porn url hit nowadays they’re in the trenches fighting for a click so click