In the mountain town where I was studying writing I attended my first open mic. It was magical like only a bad first date can be. I joined the college performance troupe  where we belted our writing out in small campus theaters and coffee shops around the state of Colorado.

I founded a “band of poets” to incorporate drum machines and live instrumentation into our performances and begin with the help of my friends to book small tours around the US. Our show was as ambitious and as cringe worthy as you could possibly imagine. 

That band broke up. I landed after another ball busting poetry tour in Denver, Colorado. 

I was making pizzas in the daytime and writing songs at night. Songs would free me from the crucible of poetry, music would light my thoughts on fire. I met a dishwasher who was in school for audio engineering.  I showed him my first CURTA demos. He explained to me, patiently, what mixing and mastering were. 

He (4Digit) fixed my mistakes and added layers of instrumentation. We made an album called Bushmeat which circulated around Denver DIY shows on hand painted CDRs. I was yet to learn what a music blog was. I had spent my formative years in nature with my head in a book, dropping cornices on a snowboard and talking about idealism, like any pretentious young asshole would. 

We made friends in the Denver experimental scene, which was thriving in those years before the mass venue shut down that took place in 2016. Too many great friends here to name. Many legends hunker in the shadow of Rocky Mountains. Shows began to happen more often and a group of us started a quarterly showcase called the Noise Floor to host experimental music sets interspersed by improvisational jams between local artists. 

4Digit and I made another project called Broken Machine, did a tour with the goddess Mirror Fears and came back to Denver where I was renting a house with a local radio DJ. We were full of ideas about making new music, turned the basement into a recording studio and began work on our “debut” studio album Replica which we put into full distribution. 

With Replica tours begin to get longer and happen more often. Music blogs began responding to my e-mails. I started working with a booking agent and manager and looking at the bigger picture of getting this music outside our community of artists in Denver. 

In 2017 4Digit and I released our album Click Bait on Providence based label FilthyBroke Recordings and a limited cassette on the boutique art label Hello LA based in Clermont-Ferrand, France. I toured in Europe and the United States extensively to support Click Bait

I have shared the stage with many personal heroes. The road is an eternal stretch. The craft is essential, our sleeves are rolled up and the work is on the table beneath us, in the air all around us. 4Digit and I finished our EP End of Future Park the month before he moved from Denver. It is going to be released on 3/19/2018 across all platforms. It is our most experimental and extensively produced release to date.

Thank you to everyone that has ever come to a show or listened to something I've done. Supporters are a lifeline for this music to exist outside of our drum machines and laptops. Coming soon to a city near you, or one of the many devices around your house watching you sleep, eat and masturbate.