CURTA got started releasing music and playing shows in Denver’s DIY / Experimental music scene performing in off grid warehouse spaces like the now infamous Rhinoceropolis. Cutting their teeth as a 2 piece live PA act, and working side by side in a homemade studio CURTA (Jake Danna) and 4Digit (Brent Larsen) produced lyrically dense songs built on even more dense soundscapes with an electronic, almost industrial bent. CURTA may have been the only name attributed to a rapper on an all electronica bill at a warehouse party but the twosomes tangle of cables, pedals, and synths were right at home in the burgeoning dark ambient scene then flourishing in Denver.

Between throwing the quarterly showcase event Noise Floor, touring the states, europe, and releasing various projects on independent labels CURTA has been able to share the stage with a number of notable contemporaries like JPEGMAFIA, Serengeti, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, ELUCID, KinfeKnights, Sole, and Milo to name a few.  

After the month long Motto Pilots tour with Rich Jones in May of 2018 jake has relocated to Chicago where he will release the forthcoming CURTA album entitled [sic] via the French based left field rap label Hello LA.