Replica is available everywhere that has the internet and if you don't have the internet you can order a physical copy from us on the internet. Replica is a loosely conceptual gaggle of songs concerned mainly with a flailing musical landscape and the identity crisis of a modern band participating. These are very American songs. Thematically, sonically, and artificially this album is the loudest firecracker we have ever built. It is with pleasure that we share it. Enjoy it or pass the headphones to someone with less refined taste. #CurtaWins


Curta and Mirror Fears are touring into the upper west side of this big ugly continent. We can't wait to come out and sling a show full of new tunes at all of you.

4/3 -- Denver, Colorado @ Deer Pile with Like A Villian (Portland) / Church Fire

4/9 -- Boise, Idaho @ Crazy Horse

4/10 -- Olympia, Washington @ Le Voyeur with Nagasaki Nightclub

4/11 -- Portland, Oregon @ Alice Coltrane Memorial Coliseum with Terror Apart / Caustic Touch

4/12 -- Vancouver, Canada @ Fingers Crossed Studios with Kilroy Katerwol / Morgan Paige / Ms. 45

4/14 -- Seattle, Washington Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar w/ Phædra & Diogenes

4/16 -- Missoula, Montana @ House Show w/ special guests

No Rap Forgiveness freestyle track

I met The Commotion when I first moved downtown. They are a more or less secret rap collective of a few dudes. Their membership waxes and wanes. In between completing the mixes of Broken Machine in Brent's apartment and working one of the most demanding / shitty jobs I've ever had I would go to a house in Cap Hill and rap with The Commotion. We would sometimes rap for 8 hours straight. If we couldn't convince Brent to make live beats we'd rap over youtube or anything instrumental and free.  I would say a 3 hour session was minimal. I didn't think that after having made music for so long it could become that fun again. I was filled with confusion in my personal life and The Commotion was something between therapy, speaking in tongues, and bro-mance. We recorded everything as voice memos on our mobiles and then one day, like a caveman returning to cave with stick of fire Stash brought microphone and audio interface. Yes, Stash The Realist is part of The Commotion. So we decided to make a concept album based on the idea of Rappers Anonymous because, as we put it, "freestyles ruined my life."

Maybe one day The Commotion will share the complete FixTape with you, the album that we made together that summer threading together freestyles and stories about an eccentric group of rappers who have found one another at the bottom. But for now you will have to accept this single take freestyle over a beat Stash made. When we neared the end point of the album we just started making songs this way. "Hey, your turn." you'd be handed headphones and someone would hit space bar then everyone left the room. The harder you dig, the more things you dig up. Whack is fine. Maybe the theme of The Commotion is that if you approach a task nude and fearless you will reach the highest of highs alongside your greatest lows, like dirt between teeth or something. If that sentiment lacks artistic beauty it is because freestyling lacks discipline, purpose, and conventional songwriting motivation. If you can hide the fact that your brain is doggy-paddling between words and your mouth is slapping against itself to keep up you may have succeeded. Or you may have been atrocious. Had to be there to know.

You can hear an overdubbed voice in the introduction but the rest is grade C un-certified freestyles. They are still ruining my life. Happy birthday to me. Whack is fine. --Love Jake